The showroom

Milano, Manzoni 38, in the heart of the fashion quarter. On April 2014, the new enlarged Lardini showroom was opened. The new area, over double the size, brings together the men’s and women’s Lardini and RVR Lardini collections and the Gabriele Pasini menswear range in a single display space.

Customers will be welcomed into an atmosphere of austere sophistication. Bright spaces and delicate shades, plastered white walls that allow the signs of time to transpire beneath a veiling of colour, decor elements in raw iron that are at the same time ethereal and transparent. Six large structures occupy the stage like gigantic wireframe sculptures, separating the different sales areas in the interior of the showroom.

The collections are displayed on iron structures, so that the space as a whole can be seen from any angle, along with the general mood of the Lardini world, in an uninterrupted sequence of different settings. The fine balance of contrasts generates an overall harmony: on the one hand a container of a raw, almost industrial flavour, and on the other sophisticated artisan finishes; the plant and systems left deliberately visible and artfully designed decor; the flooring in cementitious resin and the elegant maple wood panels.

“These are counterpoints that reflect the image of our company” explains the creative director of the Group Luigi Lardini “which combines the sartorial quality of the workmanship with the strength of an industrial entity that is in the vanguard in terms of production technology.” To give a touch of warmth to the cold and angular iron surfaces, the tables feature taut but rounded lines - made to measure to an original 50s design - with surfaces made of black lacquered oak, aged by hand.

Confirming Lardini’s sensitivity to the eco-friendly dimension, natural and even salvaged materials have been used – such as the recycled building-site planks of the false ceilings – as well as LED lamps for the lighting system.