6 6月 2018

Carlo Iencenella, Logistic Manager at Lardini

Carlo Iencenella, logistics manager at Lardini, tells us about himself and shares a few good ideas and the goals he's achieved.


"​My name is Carlo Iencenella. I have worked at Lardini since 2005 and I handle logistics. I started here as a driver. This was a great opportunity for me, because I was able to reconnect with my roots. It’s one of the few companies I know of where employees are truly judged on merit. From here we ship garments around the world. During my time here, I’ve seen around 120,000 to 130,000 garments pass through these doors each season. As high-tech as it is, the human touch is still present in everything we do. Lardini is a company that is open to new ideas. This mindset is what enabled the company to make such strides. Many things used to seem out of reach, but with Lardini they’re reality."