6 6月 2018

Catia Falappa,​ Irons & Clothing Care at Lardini​

"It's work that requires precision and concentration". Catia Falappa reveals her tips for an impeccable press.


"My name’s Catia Falappa and I iron jackets at Lardini. I started here in 2001 when there were just a few staff members. But we’ve grown a lot. We switched over from a small iron to a larger, easier-to-use one. I have to say, I like it here a lot. My work requires precision and concentration – the iron must be placed on the right setting for each type of fabric. It also varies based on the jacket type, as there are some that require less ironing and others that require more. Machinery is fundamental in our business, but so is the hand that operates it. It’s what makes the difference."