6 6月 2018

Francesco Tarabuzzi, Assistant Store Manager at Lardini

Francesco Tarabuzzi, assistant store manager at Lardini, knows the Lardini man like the back of his hand. He knows his roots. In this video, he tells us about it.


"I’m Francesco Tarabuzzi. I’m the Assistant Store Manager at the Lardini Boutique in Milan. I am very happy to work for Lardini because the brand reflects my personal style and how I love to dress everyday. The Lardini man loves to dress well, but he does it with an air of nonchalance. To be elegant, it’s important to be spontaneous. This means wearing something that makes us feel comfortable and that is mirrored in how we interact with others in our daily lives. You can immediately spot a Lardini man by his typical Italian elegance, seen in his stylish details as well, most importantly in our lapel flower. The Lardini garment is finely tailored and the human touch is still important. You can clearly see it in the final product."