6 6月 2018

Genea Lardini, Women's Creative Director of Lardini

Genea Lardini shares her creative process and tells of the origins of the Lardini women's collection, born in the Marches region.


"​I’m Genea Lardini. I head up the Lardini women's collection. We created this line from scratch as a way to bring the Lardini vision to women. The Lardini woman is independent, ambitious and romantic. It is not just outerwear. Which is why I want to deliver a different message. A woman is many things – over the course of one day, she can change drastically from one moment to the next. Her style should convey innovation, with feminine details like ruffles, which are my personal touch. It’s like the feminist slogan: ‘Nothing will be as before’. These days, women need to build their own character, strength and independence on their own. The occasion shouldn’t dictate how you dress. It’s not the event that makes the outfit, but the person that makes the event."