6 6月 2018

Luigi Lardini, Men's Creative Director & Co-founder of Lardini

Luigi Lardini, co-founder, shares the story behind the idea of the lapel flower, the unmistakable symbol of the Lardini brand the world over.


"​Luigi Lardini, creative director and most importantly, founding partner. The lapel flower began as a challenge I set for everyone and everything. It was an idea that arose from the past, back in the mid ’70s, when people used to wear all types of pins on the lapel. What the flower is made of is important, because it’s something you can play around with. It can be made out of different materials: felt, briarwood, metal, gold or silver. It’s brilliant, because with a flower you can add colour, to its petals or pistil, for example. And let’s not forget – we were the first, there’s no denying it. The Lardini man is damned, hedonistic and damned."