6 6月 2018

Matteo Papa, Cutting & Textile at Lardini

Matteo Papa works in the fabric warehouse at Lardini's Filottrano site. Most of his work pertains to the Made-to-Measure division, which is one of the company's key cornerstones. Today, he's giving us a glimpse of what his typical day consists of.


"​I’m Matteo and I’ve been working at Lardini for 11 years. I work in the fabric warehouse in the Samples and Made-to-Measure division. We work very closely with cutting. The fabric arrives here, we catalogue it and send it to sales where the entire work order is prepared. Then the order comes in; we have to prepare it and sent it directly to cutting. I like my job because I get to work with the entire company, with all the various departments: administration, sales, product development, and more. In recent years, cutting has changed dramatically and further developed. Even though the company is moving toward almost full automation, what makes us unique is the passion we pour into our work and the hand-applied details that permeate every step of the process."