6 6月 2018

Paola Carbonari, Production at Lardini

"For me, it’s like a second family", says Paola Carbonari, who has been working at Lardini for 16 years. She tells how the company has changed over time, but still feels like an extended family".


"​My name is Paola Carbonari. I work in production and I’ve worked at Lardini since November 2002. Even though it is an industrial-sized company, I consider it a bit like a second family. Seeing our jackets worn by VIPs, singers, actors, TV presenters... to think that they pass through our hands before being worn by these people is quite satisfying. There are many people who work here. In total there are about 400 employees working in production, ironing, patterns, as stylists, and more. All this is made possible because we work here and do what needs to be done. The Lardini brand is very famous. The Lardini family have been successful at creating this company, but credit also goes to the people who work here. For me, it’s like a second family. Extended family, but close all the same."