6 6月 2018

Roberto Pittaluga, Men's Product Manager at Lardini

What does it mean to work for Lardini? Roberto Pittaluga, men’s product manager, shares his take on it.


"​I’m Roberto Pittaluga. I’ve been working at Lardini for 13 years and I’m a stylist. I believe it’s essential to give a style continuity. One day, one of our Tokyo sales agents said that customers were satisfied with our product because alongside innovation we offer consistency. Because men are made of matter, I think they place a lot of importance on a fabric’s texture. 80% of our current collection is made using exclusive fabrics. I enjoy adding diversity to the way I dress the Lardini man. The Lardini man is classic and elegant. He changes over time, but he’s always sporting tasteful attire. The Lardini man comes in many forms. In my opinion, Lardini embodies the creativity and excellence typical of Italian craftsmanship, the flower lapel of menswear."